Since its inception, SpellRead has integrated rigorous scientific evaluation into its program development. This commitment has built SpellRead’s track record in providing reliable and consistent success. A summary of each of the studies can be found below. The links on the left will provide you with the entire study.

Independent Research
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Built on Science. Focused on Results.

Study Overviews

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SpellRead also aligns with research recommendations.

  1.     Experts recommend smaller instructional groups.

SpellRead provides instruction in small classes (4-5 students). This small group environment provides an opportunity for minimizing instructional risk and meeting individual needs.

  1.     Experts recommend clear and concise explanations.

SpellRead provides multiple opportunities to practice and rework skills, without the perception of repetition. Skills are developed systematically using a wide variety of structured activities.

  1.     Experts recommend more explicit instructional sequences.

SpellRead helps students build skills consistently and logically. Sounds are introduced from the easiest to the most difficult. Classroom reading materials are specifically selected from a sequential list of age-appropriate, language-based books.

  1.     Experts recommend more opportunities for immediate positive feedback and error correction. SpellRead teachers are trained to provide positive error correction during all activities. Scaffolding is consistently used to guide students to correct responses.

  1.     Experts recommend more skillful orchestration and integration of elements.

SpellRead students move seamlessly between activities. Class format, structure, and instructional language is consistent. Teachers are trained to transition quickly between activities so student attention is maintained.