Linguistic Foundations instruction is delivered primarily through the Teacher’s Manual which forms the core of the SpellRead materials. This manual contains focused, step-by-step instructions and detailed activities for each of the 50 lessons in Phase A, 30 lessons in Phase B, and 25 lessons in Phase C. Planning and organizational aids include lists of required materials for every lesson; helpful visuals and graphics showing how all the materials are integrated into the program, word lists, and spelling lists located at point-of-use in every lesson, and expected student responses for every teacher prompt.

In addition to the Teacher’s Manual, which provides the curriculum for the Linguistic Foundations portion of the class, teachers receive a Teacher’s Resource Book and Supplemental Lessons and Activities for Remediation. These resources are valuable tools to help teachers prepare their daily lessons and provide supplementary activities for students who need more practice.

The Student Activity Book and corresponding Student Answer Key provide hands-on reinforcement of the skills students are learning.

Program Materials

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Program Materials
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Writing the spelling of sounds, syllables and words helps students bridge auditory and visual skills in order to become proficient in reading, spelling and writing. Self-checking using the answer keys helps students reinforce the skills they have learned, and helps them feel ownership of their success.

Instructional cards are a vital part of the SpellRead program and they are used in every lesson. Each card pack is color coded to match a Phase (blue for Phase A, pink for Phase B, and green for Phase C) with the exception of consonant cards, secondary consonant cards and consonant bled cards, which are colored yellow for contrast when they are used to build with vowels.

The Active Reading Guide provides instructions for guiding students in building fluency and automaticity through oral reading. The Active Reading Guide also provides weekly comprehension and vocabulary mini lessons, and writing prompts to aid students as they write in response to their reading.

The Student Writing Journal is a personalized record of progress and achievement for each student. Students write daily in response to their reading, and their writing becomes visible evidence of their increased skill mastery.

Each SpellRead phase includes carefully designed materials that are clear, concise, consistent, and sequenced from easy to more difficult, focusing on one new concept at a time while building upon and reinforcing previous concepts.

One of SpellRead’s principal techniques is to minimize auditory and visual distractions, enabling students to focus solely on sounds and language. As a result, the materials and activities are all highly specific and free of all unnecessary elements.