The Reading College’s team of expert trainers provide exceptional professional development through extensive on-site or locally held training sessions. Topics include:

  1. Proven practices with struggling readers

  2. Understanding the SpellRead approach

  3. Effective program delivery and instruction

  4. Progress monitoring to ensure student success

  5. Best classroom practices

The Reading College partners with schools, districts and colleges to provide Professional Development and on-going support to help teachers successfully deliver each element of the SpellRead program. The SpellRead program reliably improves reading fluency and comprehension for your most struggling readers, including special education students and English language learners.

For more information on how SpellRead can benefit your school contact our specialists:

Debbie Savage

Director of Implementation & Training

Kelly Sutcliffe

Director of Programming


“The teachers enthusiastically stated that SpellRead achieves powerful student results, (and) provides success where other intensive and supplemental programs have failed.”

Eric J. Smith

Superintendent of Schools

Anne Arundell County Public Schools

Schools & Districts

The Reading College will provide the following materials and services:

  1. Professional Development for all participating teachers.

  2. Partnership Planning meetings to set program goals, to define training dates and times and to plan program logistics.

  3. SpellRead instructor materials for each participating teacher.

  4. Instructor Support for teachers.

  5. SpellRead student materials for each participating student.

“The instructor training was exceptional. It fully prepared me to implement the program.”

4th  Grade Teacher


The Reading College also provides ongoing support to answer questions, collaboratively  solve problems, maintain program fidelity and help with individual student needs through on-site coaching visits and remote phone and e-mail support.