Exceptional Results

Internal Results

During the 2004-2005 school year 480 students were tracked in the SpellRead program. The students were slated to receive 140 hours of SpellRead instruction. Due to school closures and cancellations, the students only received 106 hours of SpellRead instruction. Even with the reduced number of instructional hours, students still made incredible gains in their DIBELS scores.

The charts below depict the percentage of students in the fall who were high risk, moderate risk and low risk. By the spring, students made considerable gains in their DIBELS scores. Only 31% of students were considered high risk, as opposed to 60% of the students at the beginning of the year.

The gains that students made were irregardless of the student’s designation. Students who were designated as ESE (Special Education) made the same percentage of progress as the entire group of students.

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