In June, 2006 the Spellread program was acquired by Kaplan, Inc of New York. This international education company provides a wide range of offerings in higher education, test preparation, English language programs, professional education and K12 programs. Kaplan K12 Learning Services, a division of Kaplan, Inc, had been searching for a results-driven reading program for several years and because of the strong science, independent research and solid student success, they chose SpellRead. 

With Kaplan focusing on implementing the program in the US public school system in 2008 the Reading College was created. The Reading College is owned and operated by a group of senior employees of the original SpellRead company in Prince Edward Island, including the program developer Kay MacPhee, and has been authorized by Kaplan, Inc. to sell and support the Kaplan SpellRead program in Canada.

SpellRead is built around the discoveries of Kay MacPhee. Inspired by her son, who was born profoundly deaf, Kay spent 25 years learning and developing techniques to enable the hearing-impaired to develop language skills and learn how to read. At the request of a local physician, Kay began to work with students who were said to be learning disabled or dyslexic and found that they could not hear the sounds of the language either, similar to a hearing impaired student.

History of SpellRead

The instructional techniques we were using with hearing-impaired students were tremendously successful in helping students who were struggling readers. As a result of this discovery, I started to focus more and more of my energy refining our techniques and instruction for all struggling readers, from kindergarten to adult.”

Kay MacPhee

Founder, SpellRead

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History of SpellRead
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In 2001 SpellRead began to deliver its program through teachers in US public schools. These results were again monitored by Dr. Torgesen and were ultimately published in Dr. Barbara Foorman’s book, Preventing and Remediating Reading Disabilities—Bringing Science to Scale (July 2003).

In 2003 SpellRead applied for inclusion in the Power4Kids clinical trial. Power4Kids is the largest clinical trial of reading programs ever undertaken in the US. SpellRead was one of only four programs selected for inclusion based on independent evidence of program effectiveness.

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Kay continuously modified and advanced her approach to reading instruction over several decades and in 1994 SpellRead was officially launched. The first SpellRead clinic was opened in Charlottetown, PE with a focus on adult learners. Student progress results were studied by leading psychologists in Atlantic Canada.

Between 1998 and 2001 based on a recommendation from Dr. Reid Lyon at the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Joe Torgesen began to investigate the effectiveness of the SellRead program and conducted the first formal clinical study of SpellRead, the result of which was published in Learning Disability Quarterly (Spring 2001).