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FCRR Independent Study on SpellRead

The Florida Center for Reading Research’s (FCRR) goal is to assist educators in making informed decisions as they select instructional methods for reading.The following is an excerpt from a 2003 report FCRR prepared on SpellRead: “The content and design of the SpellRead program are aligned with current scientifically based reading research …the SpellRead program… can produce significant and substantial effects on reading skill.” This report also presented Kaplan SpellRead’s strengths and weaknesses as follows:


  1. Multiple and varied phonemic awareness and phonic activities, often in an instructional game format, are a motivating and integral part of the program.

  2. The explicit, highly-structured, step-by-step format with frequent repetition and immediate feedback can be helpful for struggling readers.

  3. A priority of the program is the intense focus on fluency contributing to eventual mastery of skills.

  4. Review begins each phase to ensure a firm foundation of the previous level’s skills.

  5. The Teacher’s Manual is clear and easy to follow.

  6. The type of consistent questioning during ‘Active Reading’ can be effective in guiding the students’ focus of the gist of the story.

  7. Written responses to reading clarify whether or not students understand what they have read.

  8. Research studies for the program have demonstrated substantial gains across grade levels and among students with differing ability levels.


  1. None were noted.

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