Students are assessed prior to entering the program to ensure the SpellRead program will meet each student’s needs. Assessments are administered throughout the program and reports are provided to show student progress.

Classes are small homogeneous groups (2-3 people) with students grouped according to age and reading ability. Private classes are also available.

The Reading College instructors are experienced, caring professionals who provide a safe, confident and successful learning environment.  The fast paced, success orientated class helps students stay engaged and motivated.

The SpellRead program helps children, youth, post-secondary students and adults by:

  1.     Providing reading enhancement for those who may be able to read high-level material or material at grade level, but must read and re-read to have full comprehension. Their inefficient skills prevent them from reading and comprehending with ease.

  1.     Developing efficient spelling and writing for those who struggle to express themselves in writing and whose ability to express themselves orally is significantly higher than their ability to do so in writing.


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We can’t believe this is the same boy... When our son was in 5th Grade, he was struggling with spelling, reading and writing. We had him tested for learning disabilities (which he didn’t have) and our doctor recommended SpellRead to us. We were a little afraid at first because we weren’t sure we would get the results we were looking for. It was a gamble that we took and it definitely paid off. SpellRead has improved our lives forever.”

Christine & Mike


SpellRead reliably improves reading fluency and comprehension and helps builds both the skills and confidence that students need to be efficient readers.

Unlike other reading intervention programs, SpellRead has a beginning and an end. Once in, once out! Mastering the phonological code to a level of automaticity provides a strong foundation for reading. Without this strong foundation students will continue to struggle. As text becomes more difficult, students become overwhelmed using compensatory strategies and fall farther behind. SpellRead has all the necessary components to repair and strengthen an individual’s reading foundation. Once through SpellRead students have the skills needed to confidently advance to more complex texts in all subject areas and to enjoy a lifetime love of reading.

Charlottetown School

  1.     Developing reading for those who read with poor fluency and/or comprehension. This group tends to struggle because of an excessive reliance on context, visual memory, or syllable-level decoding to identify unfamiliar words. These coping strategies are used in place of automatic, efficient decoding based on a solid sound system.

  1.     Enabling beginning reading for those who recognize spoken/written word relationships, but are unable to read without assistance. They know that reading is oral language written down and can use their knowledge of language to read predictable books.

  1.     Enabling entry into reading for those who are not aware of spoken/written word relationships.